Who are we

Our goal is the marketing of all kind of agricultural products for national and international market.

We commit to give our suppliers and clients a fair treatment which benefits simultaneously both parties, having before all responsibility in the transactions fulfilled, offering a caring and professional service, emphasizing the quality concept in all the deals, services and products.

We are consolidating ourselves as a reliable mean of marketing for the regional producer, working as a mean of providing for national and abroad markets, representing an attractive commercial choice.

We have a direct influence in the positive regulation of prices, since we give a personalized treatment directly with the producer and/ or farmer and the customer, basing our buying price on the expectations of the sale.
We make deliveries of the product to the sale point, assuming cargo expenses, taxes and customs fees.

We don’t limit our services only to the marketing of regional products, we also operate with producers of several states in the country.

Thanks to the support of Agrícola Luque, that counts with a great foundation, such as green houses, wide growth fields and packing, we can respect the price of the product by contract, no matter how the prices may vary in the market according to the production.

We count with great growth areas for each of our own products, 200 hectares dedicated to the production of mango, 100 hectares for the production of hot chili and 100 hectares for the production of tomatillo, as well as other kind of other producer’s products

In the mango production area, we have the advantage of being the only one in the region (North of Sinaloa) known by USDA as free of the plague of fruit fly.

Under this phytosanitary status, we can export mangoes without the necessity of submitting it to quarantine treatments which deteriorate the quality post harvest and avoiding the hot water treatment, which gives more quality, more shelf duration and other advantages.

We also count with on of the largest and most modern packing in the region, where our products are received, selected, packed and stored to be transported later to their final destination.

Our production techniques, selection and packing allow us to obtain a finished product with a higher quality up to the Marketing standards.

Besides of all the mentioned advantages, we are in process of obtaining the innocuousness certification in good techniques of production management, with the purpose of achieving it this year.

Our main products are: Tomatillo, Mango, Hot Chili, Watermelon and Tomato are recognizewd by our tags: Higueral, Mavari, Alameda, Toro’s and Villanos.

80% of our production and sales are mainly exporting to The United States. The rest 20% it’s sent to the rest of the world and for national marketing.

That’s how our group of companies is formed by: Higueral Produce, Agrícola Luque and Higueral LCC, works to offer you the best of ourselves, the best of our human and professional treat that gives you the trust to carry out your commercial transactions in the most convenient way for you and the producer, and the best of our land which are the agricultural products we produce, so you can have the certainty that you will always count with them to the agreed price and at the needed moment.

We invite you to contact us to know in a deep form our way of working in order to initiate strong marketing relations at your convenience.